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Terrible Lecture Notes

You are trying to figure out your notes of the lecture because you are going to have an exam tomorrow and you need to study. But it is being hard because you don’t understand anything. Lucky you, your friend Alice Duarte enters the room and sits next to you. As she sees you disheartened and quite stressed, she tries to encourage and calm you down. She caresses your hair, your leg, tells you how good you are… just to cheer you up. But suddenly she stops and she admits that she has liked you for a long time and she gives you a kiss. That is all you need because she makes you feel good and you’ve liked her for a long time too. The kisses and touching leads you to an affectionate sex where you make love to each other. Both give pleasure to the other you little by little, first with a blowjob and then fucking in different positions until you cum. All your stress is gone and Alice will stand by your side helping you with the studying.
Model: Alice Duarte
Full Time: 36:59 min

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