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Winding Up Around The Campfire (2nd part)

All the things to camp tonight are set: the stars, the bonfire, the blankets, the girl playing the guitar, the marshmallows on a stick… You and your friends Cassia Fernandez and Sabrina Linz are having a delightful night. Once the girl who was playing the guitar stop, she tries to take the marshmallow away from the other one, but she “fights” against it… At the end, you see they’ve decided to share it with their mouths, which leads them to a kiss and playful moment together. You can’t believe it but just looking at them touching their boobs over the shirts is turning you on. One of them looks at your hardness and approaches you. She starts to caress your cock and then she gives you a blowjob while the other girl keeps masturbating herself. After a bit, she joins you and both give you a blowjob. Then, they take you inside the house and you have a night of sex between you three on the couch. Every position and all the passions are going to be involved in this stunning threesome.
Model: Cassia Fernandez, Sabrina Linz
Full Time: 47:07 min

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