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Spanish 101

¡Es hora de otra aventura con VR Bangers! You have no idea what we just said? Well, it is about time to sign up for some Spanish lessons, then! This language, in spite of appearances, is not so different from English and if you’d only hire a properly trained teacher, you would certainly master it faster than you expect. Do not worry, you do not have to go on a craigslist to look for a tutor on your own, because VR Bangers Trans did everything to take care of your Spanish education in our latest TS VR porn movie. We want our TS VR porn movies to be both entertaining and always offer some “extra” features, so why would not we make one of them a language lesson? Spanish 101 Shemale VR porn film is a completely new transsexual virtual reality porn video from VR Bangers Trans, in which you will have the opportunity to learn Spanish from the beautiful and intelligent Demii D Best. This wonderful Latin woman with hot blood is so temperamental that if you will not pay enough attention during her teachings, she will surely quickly lose her patience and would want to punish you. Due to the fact that for the whole day the girl was really horny and now she wants to put her tight anal on some hard dick, you will be able to use that for your own purposes, at the same time finding out how beneficial Latin American culture may be for you – maybe starting learning Spanish was after all the best decision of your life? Wear your VR goggles and find that out for yourself in this brand new Shemale VR porn movie from VR Bangers Trans – especially that now our TS VR porn films are available not in “just” 4K UHD but up to 6K ultra high definition and, as always, in full 3D 360 degrees!
Model: Demii D Best
Full Time: 32:19 min



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