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The Woman in White

Are you scared of ghosts? Well, given they exist, they could get really scary – and VR Bangers Trans have just invited one of them (almost) to star in our brand-new anal TS VR porn scene. In The Woman in White, Joanna Jet will get to become the ghost – but not the scary one, after all… Imagine you are playing with yourself whilst sitting on the sofa, looking at some steamy-hot action, then as you look up from your phone, there she is – a ghost smack in the middle of your living room. She starts to approach you, and even though your cock has been laying down all this time, as Joanna will be staring at you, your penis will grow and erect to become ready for action in this bareback Shemale VR porn video. Next thing you know, the ghost starts rubbing the two of your penises together and gets down on her knees to give you a blowjob that is terrifyingly satisfying. As you warm up to her presence, you proceed to drive your penis deep inside of her as she howls with pleasure – what follows is some incredible penetration action all over the place. It is so good, it is scary – especially that Joanna Jet is a damn hot tattooed TS VR porn whore, and she knows how to deal with a cock like yours for sure! Wear your VR goggles to join this amazing Trans performer to screw her as hard as possible – we promise you that you are not going to get possessed tonight, but still, you are about to have a whole lot of fun together with this T-girl of your dreams! And when you will wake up, it will all be gone… except for the cum all around your satisfied body!
Model: Joanna Jet
Full Time: 37:23 min



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